Bridal CollectionsOur first concern is helping each client find the correct style, proportion and fit of the gown in what is likely to be one of the most important pieces of clothing she will ever purchase. We retail our own line of wedding and evening gowns—we manufacture what we sell so we know the issues that are important to our customer. Jane Wilson-Marquis Couture, specializes in non-traditional bridal gowns, evening gowns, and mother of the bride as well as handmade headpieces and a variety veils and wraps. Our wedding gowns have been described by NY Timeout Magazine as having an “other-worldly period quality” about them, and the New York Times referred to one wedding gown “looking like a 1990’s version of Guinevere.”

At Jane Wilson-Marquis , we only use the very best silk available, many are unique to us and are woven in England, Italy and Japan, to create our elegant and unique design. Embroidery designs, exclusive to our store, are hand done in England and can be custom-designed by the bride. Jane Wilson- Marquis also has a variety of antique embroidery available to be used as a truly unique design detail obridal collen any gown. All of our Couture gowns include muslin fittings that enable us to ensure an absolutely perfect fit. Many of our gowns combine texture and color to form an ethereal simplicity. We often use two or three layers of silk that complement each other to create our gowns. Many of these designs have now evolved into a more contemporary deconstructed version where one, two or three layers can be worn together or separately. We offer this as a separate line along with choice of colors and special in-house handmade details reminiscent of the past. Our gowns attract women who define themselves in a soft feminine way, creating a look that makes them feel distinctive and original. Our Designing and hand-detailed work is executed in our New York workshop.By appointment only, call us at 212-452-5335 or 646-285-6374 or follow the link below. We look forward to making your dream gown a reality. Check out our bridal collections gallery here.



Toppers by Wilson-Marquis