home_toppersWhat if you could do anything you wanted and could throw out the fashion rules on how you buy your clothes? Enter Toppers by Wilson-Marquis, offering a unique “semi couture experience”.  A Ready to Wear (RTW) line with a twist.  >MORE & VIEW GALLERIES
Bridal CollectionsJane Wilson-Marquis Couture specializes in non-traditional bridal gowns and mother of the bride as well as handmade headpieces and a variety veils and wraps. Our first concern is helping you find the correct style, proportion and fit of the gown in what is likely to be one of the most important pieces of clothing you will ever purchase. >MORE & VIEW GALLERIES
Evening CollectionsUsing finely woven European silks and one of a kind fabrics, Jane Wilson-Marquis  will work with you to create a handcrafted custom-fitted couture look that will stand out for its timeless elegance and sumptuous detail. >MORE & VIEW GALLERIES